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They finally let me on the track with my instructor riding shotgun. As we picked up speed down the first straight he yelled above the sound of the engine, “What brakes do you have?” - “Drums,” I yelled back, “Original!”. The first corner was terrifying, the instructor was bracing himself against the dash and the car groaned and it felt like the wheels were going to fall off.  But we made it somehow and the instructor and I both laughed and I did a few more laps.

Photo by Ian Gulinao

Gregor Jeffrey1968 Mustang

I registered for a two-day racing school at Race City Speedway in Calgary so that I could get my competition license. I showed up in my beater Mustang and the organizers were not amused.


Over the long Calgary winter I cleaned her up as best I could. She wasn’t pretty but I liked her anyway.

Gregor Jeffrey1968 Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang

Plant: San Jose, CA
Date: September 11, 1967
Engine: 289 2v V8
Body: 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior
Color: Sunlit Gold Metallic
Trim: Nugget Gold Crinkle Vinyl / Nugget Gold Kiwi Vinyl
Axle: 2.79:1, Conventional
Trans: 3-Speed Manual 

Gregor Jeffrey1968 Mustang

From a note to my brother, October 2010:

“Plan is to keep it really original, like a well-used street racer straight from ‘68 - I’ll check and fix all of the mechanical and electrical, clean up the inside with new carpets and try and keep everything else the same unless it's trashed. I’ll polish the old paint job, install a new front bumper and valance where it was hit, mount replica vintage rubber on black steelies, new exhaust and air cleaner." 

Gregor Jeffrey1968 Mustang