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Mike started the installation of the vinyl mats - not easy to install even with the liberal use of a heat gun but they’re almost there.


I delivered the Mustang to the paint shop today where Jason will be spraying it in a brighter version of the original Ford "Sunlit Gold" colour that he developed.


Most vintage Mustangs with vinyl tops have issues with rust on the roof. After I removed the vinyl covering there were several areas that needed attention. The entire surface was treated with a rust convertor and Jason welded in patch panels.


In the summer of 2013 I decided to get the Mustang resprayed.  After the closure of the race track it had sat unused for almost two years and I was now determined to get it out racing again at another track. Originally a California car, it was almost free of rust but it had received damage on the right rear quarter and the front. I stripped the car down and found an excellent local body and paint specialist, Jason Provenzano, who agreed to work on the car in my garage on weekends.