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I competed in eight Time Attack events that summer and loved every minute of it.  I learned more and more about the car and how to drive it fast and mets lots of great people.  I loved every minute of it.  Unfortunately, our last event also marked the last day of Race City Speedway. The city of Calgary had slated the track for demolition to extend a landfill site.  It was the end of the summer and as we put in our final laps of the day a demolition crew was already ripping apart the stands. With nowhere to race I parked the Mustang in the garage where it stayed, untouched, for almost two years.


At the end of the second day we were given some solo practice time on the track. I still remember the feeling of it, just me and the open track, the summer air and the beautiful sound of that old V8 rushing through the windows. And I was starting to get the hang of it - hitting the apex…


I registered for a two-day racing school at Race City Speedway in Calgary so that I could get my competition license. I showed up in my beater Mustang and the organizers were not amused.