Gregor Jeffrey

It’s so rare that a speaker has a truly unique idea and can also deliver it in a way that engages even the most discerning audiences. At the TIGER 21 Annual Conference, Gregor Jeffrey blew everyone away with his authentic, energetic style and his completely new approach to understanding how we communicate with each other. Gregor is a remarkable speaker - highly recommended!

Abby George - Senior Vice President, TIGER 21



So many of us struggle with some aspect of communication in our work - presenting in front of groups, being heard in meetings and conference calls, or even navigating difficult conversations.

I know all about this because I struggled too. I studied everything I could find on communication and cognitive psychology - and I discovered that the key to communicating successfully and achieving influence is found in neuroscience.


We’ve been told that each of us has untapped potential - do we continually operate below our actual capabilities?

Using the revolutionary Free Energy Principle discovered by neuroscientist Karl Friston, I’ll show you how a universal mathematical formula finally sheds light on why we are driven to develop belief systems that can limit our true potential.


We all want to have a clear purpose and direction in our lives - but how do we find it? How can we link our purpose to truly meaningful work?

I’ll take you through my own unconventional journey to show how each of us can learn to decipher our inner coding and find purpose in our work and our personal lives.



I deliver my unique keynote talks to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government organizations and academic institutions across North America.