Gregor Jeffrey

 NeuroCommunication: The Science of Influence

A keynote talk by Gregor Jeffrey

So many of us struggle with some aspect of communication in our work - presenting in front of a group, being heard in meetings or even navigating difficult conversations. I know all about this because I struggled too. I studied everything I could find on communication, linguistics and cognitive psychology - and I discovered that the key to communicating successfully is found in science.

Cognitive Diversity: The Science of Collaboration

A keynote talk by Gregor Jeffrey

Research published in the Harvard Business Review in 2017 proved for the first time that the source of truly effective collaboration is rooted in cognitive diversity. Using cognitive science and real-life examples, I’ll demonstrate how each of us can immediately improve team performance and collaboration by understanding exactly how others think and process information.

The Purpose Paradox

A keynote talk by Gregor Jeffrey

We all want to have a clear purpose and direction in our lives - but how do we find it? How can we link our purpose to truly meaningful work? I’ll take you through my own unconventional journey to show how each of us can learn to decipher our inner coding and find purpose in our work and our personal lives.



I deliver my unique keynote talks to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government organizations and academic institutions across North America.